Price of Soul Sickness is nuts

  • 30% and only for limited time? this must be a joke...

    well, guess we gonna learn to live with SS forever apparently

    yep, we do.

    Drestam just stated on the Discord that there is no intention on bringing Yasbas with longer durations as well. So we're just have to live with being f*****.

  • This shows perfectly that they would be able to adjust the fees for soulhealing very easily if they only wanted to and furthermore that the current fee is intentional.

  • I'm sorry, but Yasba should not be the answer to Soul Sickness
    This is yet another limitation placed on the player.

  • Didn't say that we had no intention, just that it is not planned right now :) We'll keep you informed as usual!

    Just to state the obvious... right now players have to choose wheter they want to make any progress with their gear or pay for SS.

    Literally nobody can afford both, it's one or the other.

    We need like a 90% SS cost reduction (and PERMANENT) until kinah flow is adjusted accordingly to current in game fees.

  • They have to be joking. In a server with 0 Kinah drops they actually reduce the SS cost by 30% when it should have been 80-90%

  • Once you are done with the Quests giving Kinah, you are pretty much do not have any kinah generation method.

    While we have all the sinks we need:
    -Manastone/Enchantstones (also very limited in drop rate)

    I do not count crafted consumables here because they can be generated infinitly.

    As a side note, I do find it funny how the cash shop is already a solution to half this list, and I expect it to be the solution to the other half as well.

  • Yeah this 30% doesn't change anything...

    Especially when it is just an limited Event...

    They heard that we are angry because of SS but did not the work to look closer at it, how big the problem with low droprate, no Kinah-Drop, low Sell-Price on NPC and on the other hand extreme high SS, Fusion and Material-cost rly is...

  • 30% soul healing discount for 4 days at a cost of 600k for level 47 while soul healing invluding full health and mana restorage costs less than 10% (~55k) on retail for a level 85 char.

    Gameforge really knows how to troll us hard....... :D

  • That discount should be 90% PERMANENTLY

    I'm a templar. I'm just going to die again so.


    maybe they hope that next time, instead of dying you'd do a fully voice co-ordinated task-manager-'end-process', or keep a dualboxed asmo in the area so you'd die off pvp

  • So is this topic dead now? Can we at least have a confirmation if this problem is even being acknowledged by gf? Obviously this 30% timed discout was a big joke. Nobody has paid his soulsickness. Only people I know who paid it was by mistake. 100% of the server cannot afford to pay it with this nerfed to the ground economy.

  • you want confirmation? its not.

    you waiting 4 minutes literally mean you're playing 4 minutes longer, if anything, it makes more financial sense to ignore this problem... at least until people decide to rage quit.

    as long as the community is tight and nobody feels isolated, there's very little risk thats going to happen.

  • Soulsickness is -50% off now instead of 30%. Yay. Will any of you be paying your soul sickness with this event? Mine is still worth over 2mil easy, so its still a waste of money imo.

  • My previous post gets disabled for some reason.. Anyway.

    Soulsickness is -50% off now instead of 30%. Yay. Will any of you be paying your soul sickness with this event? Mine is still worth over 2mil easy, so its still a waste of money imo.

    Even if it would be 90% discount i would think twice before paying for it. I think mine would be around 450k kinah.

    To be honest we have lot more important issues than the price of Soulsickness.