[Classic/New player info] Basic gameplay information that's not well introduced in-game

  • Manastone & gear stats such as: Attack, Crit, Magic Boost, etc.

    What stat does what.

    All of the 8 classes lean either towards physical attacks or magic spells:

    - Physical classes: Templar (warrior), Gladiator (warrior), Assassin (scout), Ranger (scout), Chanter (priest)

    - Magic classes: Cleric (priest), Sorcerer (mage), Spiritmaster (mage)


    Whether physical attack hits for full damage (if at all), you compare attacker's Accuracy stat to target's defensive stat (Evasion, Parry, Block).

    All of them use formula (DefStat - Accuracy) / 10%, so having 10 higher block gives 1% chance to block attacks, 100 higher block for 10% chance to block.

    • Evasion can "Dodge" attack, avoiding all damage and any additional CrowdControl effects from the attack, capped at maximum 30% chance. So having more than 300 Evasion above enemy Accuracy will not give more benefits.
    • Parry can "Parry" attack, reducing damage taken about half (around -50%), capped at maximum 40% chance. So having more than 400 Parry above enemy Accuracy will not give more benefits.
    • Block can "Block" attack while wielding a shield in off-hand, greatly reducing damage taken depending on shield (up to pretty high %s like -70% if not higher depending on shield enchant level), capped at maximum 50% chance. So having more than 500 Block above enemy Accuracy will not give more benefits.

    Order of checks (when physical attack is incoming) is:

    Evade (max 30% chance) => Parry (max 40% chance) => Block (max 50% chance).

    Attack (weapon base attack & "green attack")

    Bonus attack from manastones and gear (+Attack) is additive to physical damage, while weapon base attack increase from enchanting your weapon is multiplicative (generally more effective).

    So enchanting your weapon to increase base attack, say, +4 attack, will benefit your attack skills more than socketing +4 attack manastone in your gear.

    The bonus +Attack, from manastones/gear is often referred to as "Green Attack" by experienced players. Despite being additive, it is still popular to increase PvE DPS (and sometimes / some classes for PvP).

    Critical Strike

    Critical strike gives you linear 1% chance per 10 stat, (up to 50% with 500 Critical Strike), to land a "critical strike" on both auto-attacks and physical attack skills.

    Critical strike makes the attack deal a multiplied damage (ranging from 1.7 to 2.3) based on weapon type used:

    Dagger 2.3x // Sword 2.2x // Mace 2.0x // Greatsword 1.8x // Polearm 1.8x // Bow 1.7x // Staff 1.7x

    Weapons have a "base crit" (initial free +CriticalStrike you get by just wielding that type of weapon):

    • Dagger 100
    • Staff 60
    • Sword/Polearm/Bow 50
    • Mace/Greatsword 10

    Weapons with lower critrate have other benefits, such as Greatswords having higher accuracy.

    In PvP due to "Strike Resist" stat, pvp players may want higher than 500. See https://aion.fandom.com/wiki/Strike_Resist for details on Strike Resist.

    In PvP this can be further affected by "Strike Fortitude" stat, see https://aion.fandom.com/wiki/Strike_Fortitude for details on Strike Fortitude.

    Magic Boost

    Magic classes increase their spell damage by increasing Magic Boost stat. It increases spell damage linearly, up to a certain maximum cap. In our version I believe the cap will be 2700 Magic Boost, so having beyond this will not give more benefits (until later patches).

    Magic Accuracy (and Magic Resist)

    Every spell cast has similar comparison to physical attacks' (Accuracy - Evasion) / 10% formula.

    For spells this is (Magic Accuracy - Magic Resist) / 10%, and if result is higher than 0, the spell has a chance to get "Resisted" dealing no damage and inflicting none of its effects.

    Many physical classes have CrowdControl skills that count "as spells" for Magic Accuracy vs Magic Resist purposes. This can cause a physical class sometimes get their utility skills "Resisted" if they have low magic accuracy (from low level weapon). Examples are Gladiator's "Ankle Snare" and Ranger's "Sleep Arrow", both are technically "spells", not physical attacks.

    Unlike Evasion/Parry/Block, Magic Resist has virtually no upper cap (it's somewhere like 90% if it even exists in Classic version).

    On bright side, Magic Accuracy is almost always higher (with equivalent level gears), and both mage classes have self-buff skills that increase Magic Accuracy temporarily.

    HP and MP

    HP and MP increase your Health pool and Mana pool by specified amount respectively.

    +50 HP means +50 maximum health.

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