[Classic] 10 tips that'll help you have an easier life for launch

  • For 1) and 2) see video.

    3) In Theobomos, there is a quest level 23 that you can take when you're 21 called A Map Made of Stone. It is given by Talos who asks for 3 materials that you get from essencetaping. The Lower and Upper Stone Plates are obtained 10% of the time by extracting Lumesia and Gold or Titanium. The Middle one, 25% of the time when you gather Zircon, Aquamarine or Topaz. This quest is infinitely repeatable and give rather good XP, if the reworked and easy leveling is not in the game at release that is. To give you an idea, on NA Classic in 1.9, delivering this quest around 20 times made me take one level and a half.

    If you level up your essencetapping at the same time as your character, it's a really easy way to progress. Also, you get to farm treasure boxes at the same time because you're in the right area.

    4) There is an ingame system for macros. Since the macro system changes with the patch of Aion, I can't really make a full guide about it, but I can give you two useful ones.
    Press U by default to bring up the menu, create an empty one and put this text inside. Save it, and drag the shortcut to your skill bar.
    The first one is for when you die and someone res you. There is a slow animation of you getting up and fighting which can mean death if you're in a boss fight. This macro is really simple, what it does is select your own hero and then try to follow it. It'll skip the animation.

    Macro to res faster

    /select nameOfChar


    5) The second one I use is for gathering. If you're like me, gathering is something you do with something else like a video or a stream on the second screen. This macro will target any node of what you need and start the gathering. The range is low so you'll still need to move by yourself :). It also cancels the success or failure animation which is cool.

    Macro to gather

    /select resource


    6) Did you know you could use colors in the chat? Aion supports a RGB color code but it's limited to 48 characters. I've put some examples here

    Colors : [color:Red;1 0 0]

    [color:Orange;1 0.5 0]

    [color:Yellow;1 1 0]

    [color:Lime;0.5 1 0]

    [color:Green;0 1 0]

    [color:Turquise;0 1 0.5]

    [color:Cyan;0 1 1]

    [color:Light Blue;0 0.5 1]

    [color:Deep Blue;0 0 1]

    [color:Violet;0.5 0 1]

    [color:Magenta;1 0 1]

    [color:Pink;1 0 0.5]

    On a side note, if you want to share a link in the chat like a discord invite, the easiest way to do it is to use the where keyword. Be careful with what you put in because word filters hide most of the "http" or "www" keywords because of bots spamming the chat.

    7) If you're Elyos, maybe you've heard about Brigadier Indratu. It's the famous campaign you see in LFG "BRIGADIER INDRATU WITH TP". You have a one time teleporter to the very end of the nute warren where it is impossible to go by yourself. You're teleported right in front of an instance entrance called Indratu Fortress that you have to complete for the campaign. The problem is that many people don't know they have only 1 TP and that it's a group instance, so they waste it, return and probably never finish it. Well homies, I got you covered. If you go to Beluslan, something like 100 meters before Draupnir entrance there is a gate to Indratu Fortress. It's still in an elite area but I promise you you can go there by yourself and get that quest done without the TP.

    8) Did you know the aggro range of mob decreased as you level up? Everyone knows if you're 10 level ahead, you don't aggro mobs anymore. But being level 50 in an area of mobs level 45 will mean you can have a fatter ass than a level 45 character.

    9) This is quite known, but maybe you've never thought of it. If you play ranger or assassin, stealth is one of your best tool to avoid mobs. When the area is elite though, some can detect you and it quickly means your death. The rule of thumb is that if the mob you're close to has a bow or daggers, it can probably see you. If it's a mage, it depends on the general difficulty of the area you're in, you'll have to try once to know. But healers and fighters won't probably never see through your invisibility.

    10) On elyos and asmo side, there is an attack speed title well before level 50. The hard part is that both of these are Spy Quests, too hard to solo and require you to go to Morheim or Eltnen, so you have to be level 40 or less to do them. On elyos side, the title is called Veritas Agent and is a reward of the quest [Spy] Going out of Business. It is the last quest of a 4 quests chain which begins with Fake Stigma, given by Dionera at level 36. On asmo side, the title is called Provocateur and is a reward of the quest Killing Mabangtah, which you can take at level 37. It's the sequel of the quest Our Man in Elysea given by Gelkugin.