Classic Stigmas

  • As the Stream showed us, open world loots will be almost non existant in Aion Classic EU from start (aka : KR drop rates), I will now assume those droprates are similar to nerfed NA droprates. I spent 10 hours bashing level 22 mobs on NA to try and get a level 22 stigmas that I never seen so I know what the nerf look like.

    All you could say during the stream was that people should do dungeons during their leveling to get stigmas, it doesnt work for every single one.

    Here is a list of all the stigmas that some classes need to play their end game build that people won't be able to loot in dungeons because there is no low level dungeons to drop level 20-22 stigmas :
    - Curse of Roots I

    - Aethertwisting I

    - Flurry I

    - Sleep Arrow I

    - Retreating Slash I

    -Body Root I

    - Enmity Swap I

    - Doom Lure I

    - Blinding Light I

    All those stigmas are obtainable from boxes like this one for the templar's doomlure :

    Consider adding thoses boxes in shop / giving them for free or whatever ASAP, you dont want 5 out of 8 classes not being able to play the game...

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  • I would add that a friend of mine told me the level 34 stigmas are also a pain to get cause fire temple bosses only loot the 37 stigmas.

  • I heared NA Classic got a patch where bosses drop Stigmas around 7 lvls of their lvl. Maybe we get that one too.

    Just tested that with all my SR runs, don't work like this you get stigmas 2 level around the boss level.

  • Hello,

    since this topic was made before the launch and without the knowledge how many stigma stones will be available on in our region, I will close the thread.

    If you still feel that there is a change needed, then feel free to create a new suggestion thread!


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