Depraving strike skill levelling

  • Hello,

    i've been trying to level up depriving skill since ages and I never passed +6. I always use same skill book and no aid materials below +11. Yesterday I finally lost patience and took 22x depriving strike skills from event chests and was pretty sure i will reach +10 easily and still have some books left for later stages. Well, no... I succeeded first try to reach+6, then failed 4 times in a row to reach +2, then I reached +7,+8 once and finally after 22 books I ended where I started on +5. Getting past +6 was almost impossible.

    I haven't had event remotely similar experience with any other skill on any other class. So, is depriving skill leveling procedure bugged, broken, does it have different success chances or wth???


  • it's all RNG, the best you can do is just to manage your skill books that are the same skill and other not needed skills. Get it as high as possible with random skills and then do with the same skill.

    Use "Daevanion Essence" on important levels, like from +9 to +10 and +13 +14

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