AION classic: what we know so far!

  • Our last pool of information took place on December 15.2022. You can rewatch the full stream here =>

    If you don't want to watch it entirely again here is a quick recap of what you missed :)

    Release date:

    • We announced officially that we would like to release in 2023. The last ETA we gave was End of March 2023.

    Patch Version:

    • We initially announced that we would start with the patch 2.0. Nonetheless, after we received a lot of feedback that this might not be the preferred version for everyone, we decided to check with NCSOFT to adapt the 2.0 version (level restriction, blocked zones, XP) so that it would fit your expectations better. It is not possible to come back to a previous version than 2.0. Therefore that is the best compromise we came up with. We are still discussing what to adapt and how to do it. As soon as we know fore sure and it is 100% confirmed, we will inform you.
    • Note that we will have some Quality of life updates up to the 2.4 version. As we explained during the stream, don't focus too much on the version number since our 2.0 will not be the same 2.0 from NC that they had in Korea.

    Business model/shop:

    • There will be a way to experiment the game for free (the details are yet to be decided and explained). However, to enjoy the full experience it will be best to buy a Siel Energy (equivalent of the Siel Aura from other regions). The Siel Energy won't be tradeable, it might be giftable though (still in discussion).
    • We will also have the Daeva Pass in the same fashion than KR did. We are negociating currently so that our Daeva Pass wouldn't contain items that give AP at release.
    • The shop will contain vanity items only (costumes, candies). We are checking to make our candies unsellable to the NPC.

    Next steps of communication:

    • We are currently preparing a FAQ that should cover most of the important things to know about Classic. It is currently planned to get it ready for beginning of February if possible.
    • Shortly after, we will host a second stream on twitch (to be announced).

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